Chess for the 21st Century

Multiplayer Beta for 2.0 on the Pebble App store

Pebble Chess is an entire chess board on your wrist. You can ponder what your next move will be while the board is always a glance away. Think deeply, or make a move.

Hover over or press any screenshot.

Or, if you have a Pebble, try it out!

Use solo mode to either practice your chess ideas, or take turns passing your Pebble with a friend.

Pebble Chess lets you know what turn it is and whose turn it is at the top. The current time and how much time a turn is taking are shown as well.

Pebble Chess also knows the rules of the game and will help you decide where to move by only showing legal moves.

Cycle through the pieces to decide which piece you want to move. As you cycle, you will see each piece's possible moves.

Pieces with many possible moves, like the queen, have two stages of move selection. Select the direction first, then the move within that selection.

While you're deciding a piece's move, you can always press back if you want to move a different piece.

Your king will flash when it's in check. You may notice that many of your pieces will be unable to move while you're in check.

Once a color achieves checkmate, the game is over and no more moves are possible. The checkmated king is shown with a slash across it. The side that checkmates the other wins.

Make daring plays, or sport your favorite game positions with Pebble Chess!